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Easy to use Risk Management & Compliance applications

Contract Management

Easy to use contracts manager app. Up to date contract information in the office or on the road. Improve your customer relationship. Digital approval cycle for efficient closing. Corporate overview, dashboards and automatic alerts.

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Starting at 39.99€/month

Corporate Legal Management

A corporate housekeeping application that facilitates management of all relevant corporate data.

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Starting at 39.99€/month

Business Continuity Management

A complete system to manage disaster recovery plans with automatic incident alerts containing important information to take appropriate action. Full audit trail to prove you have done the right thing.

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Starting at 39.99€/month

Risk Management

An easy to use risk management solution that ranges from rules and regulations to RACI and risk and control. Maintain all relevant relations. It's time for transparent risk management.

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Compliance Management

Timely tax filings, financial reports and other compliance requirements. Workflow to guide your staff to act right. Centrally monitor the status.

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Audit Management

The easiest way to audit your controls, your processes or your finances. Create web based questionnaires, plan ahead and let your staff receive automatic reminders.

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The easiest way to provide education materials and exams to your employees, allowing them to continuously maintain and expand their knowledge while making sure they comply with rules and regulations

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Working with RiskRhino apps: 4 main benefits

We bring over 20 years of experience to your organization, hosted and secure. From documents management to audits and assessments, training with exams and employee tracking, workflow automation to enforce compliance and alerts to make sure you never miss out on any important deadline.

Flexible applications that can be combined into one cooperating business assurance application

Easy to start, you can use your corporate application today. Highly flexible due to our monthly subscription model. Add or remove users via your control panel. Start with one application and later add another. They will all run on the same corporate database so no need to enter data twice.

Increased control leads to reduced risks and these days avoidable risks are no longer acceptable. This way your business becomes more sustainable and profitable, your employees become more productive.

Sustainable business by reducing your risk dramatically

Securely hosted with a separate database shard per company

Hosted in the private cloud where each client has its own database shard. Your data only accessible by you. Security is monitored 24*7 and regular audits are performed to ensure the best data security available today

The applications are all easy to use on all devices and give you results quickly. The functionality is very extensive so you will always find a way to facilitate your specific needs, be it in setting up your corporate university or in sending out assessments to your employees,it is all there.

Low effort, huge impact

Reasons to like our Business Apps

Here are four reasons for which you will like our apps


  • Get the information to do your work efficiently and effective
  • Be continuously educated
  • Automatic alerts on relevant areas
  • Workflows can guide you when you need it

Legal, Accounting and HR

  • Structured control and audit information available when you need it
  • Support and monitor your employees
  • Internal audit support
  • Control testing

Branches and Disciplines

  • We can work with you to create a branch specific solution
  • We work with partners that know about your branch
  • We can provide templates e.g. for your Tax Control Framework

The Board

  • Overview and real time reports
  • Risk control
  • All information structured and digital
  • Audit trails

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