Our partners

Our partners are really important to us, they can provide our clients with the assistance or in depth advisory services that make business assurance successful for any organization. Business assurance, by nature, is a multidisciplinary field. So we have partnerships in:

  • Tax advisory
  • Accounting
  • Risk management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Legal / corporate housekeeping
  • Merger and Acquisitions
  • IT and IT management (ITIL, Cobit)
  • Basel and Solvency

We work with a small group of dedicated partners and are looking for international partners in Legal, BCM, GRC, corporate eduction and accounting.

Our affiliate program

The RiskRhino affiliate program gives you an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your clients and at the same time take a significant share in the monthly RiskRhino revenue stream.

The RiskRhino apps support your clients managing risks and effectively control their business. All our apps are dedicated to help organizations stay in control whether it is by managing contracts, risks, compliance, the business continuity or by offering permanent education to their staff. The applications support key people in the organization and give them the  information to act fast and correct keeping the focus on the business. With your support and our software, your clients will beat the competition.

Your clients are valuable to you

When you help your clients to discover the benefits of RiskRhino and they decide to sign up, they can use the coupon you provide them. In that way you will strengthen your relationship with your clients and get an ongoing affiliate fee from RiskRhino. In this way you can generate a significant alternative revenue stream for your company. You just refer to RiskRhino. Of course you can also support your clients with your services. Please contact us for details.

Clients benefit too

Your clients will benefit since the coupon you provide them give them a 10% discount on their ongoing license fees, not just once but every month they use the license! So that is a significant benefit they can enjoy thanks to being your customer!

It’s easy

Just send us an email to apply for your affiliate membership today. After approval you will receive your coupon code that you can share with your clients. We will also send you the materials you can use to inform your clients. You can let your clients know that you have been able to secure a 10% discount on the ongoing license fees. Once more they can see why being your client gives them benefits in many different ways.

Contact us

If you are interested in a personal conversation about becoming a partner, please contact us at: info@riskrhino.com or call today at +31 (0)654792099