What we do

We deliver state of the art business assurance software solutions. We do that in a new way such that we avoid point solutions but also avoid pricy overly complicated GRC platforms. So we have created solutions that are easy to use, small enough to cover a particular discipline but (in the background) are completely integrated.

An example:

Our Contract Management solution can be used stand alone. You can create contracts, manage them and they can be related to a vendor, a client or a third party. Our Legal Entity Management solution allows you to document your legal entities, detail and manage all relevant legal information. Of course it is possible to set up a contract between a legal entity of your group and another legal entity of your group. The pick list in the contract manager automatically picks from the list of entities in your legal entity manager (should you use that). Any third party (e.g. client or vendor) documented in your contract management system automatically shows up in your legal entity manager. It could well be a contract with your legal advisor. NNTedt is our motto: No Need To enter data twice.

We provide maintenance & support on our products and we love to work with you and learn from your practical experience and wishes. We really embrace the information and feedback we get from our clients and partners because it is your information we need to continuously  improve our solutions.