Who we are

RiskRhino simplifies Governance, Risk management & Compliance (GRC)  for all organizations ranging from Multinationals to SME’s.

With our true SaaS solution and dedicated content we support organizations in the most efficient way. Our GRC automation makes sure that risk management and compliance become an integral part of your organization and significantly contribute to your business success.

We offer dedicated compliance solutions to help you tackle compliance requirements efficiently and effectively. Our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) solution, for instance, contains predefined content like an ISO27001 framework,  GDPR identification surveys, PIA’s and audits to efficiently guide your compliance process. This solution is easy to use and covers all articles of the GDPR. Compliance has never been easier.

Why are we different

In 2005 dr. Tim Willems, former founder of BWise now a NASDAQ company, started RiskRhino.

Over 25 years experience has shown how GRC can be made efficient and affordable. Our modern SaaS based GRC suite consists of building blocks that can be used stand alone or integrated. Securely hosted you can start improving your GRC today.

Our free mobile risk survey app has been nominated SME software of the year by Computable.

RiskRhino is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices and agents around the world.